What makes you sexy?

What makes you sexy?


Frederick’s of Hollywood store on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I got a nice little email in my inbox today from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Apparently it’s National Lingerie Day. Who knew? Now while I could definitely use a couple of new bras, I’m very well stocked on lingerie. It’s hard to throw out items that get very little wear, so lingerie can become a giant stockpile, sort of a like a post-war apocalyptic explosion of lace and ribbon. The worst part is lingerie may or may not be what makes you feel sexy.

I once heard a man say that the sexiest thing he ever saw was a woman walking around in his dress shirt because it reminded him of the evening they had just had and their future together. As a bit of a tomboy, I feel sexiest walking around in my husband’s muscle tank and a pair of boxer shorts. But I also love getting dressed up to go out, rolling on the fishnet stockings and slipping into a pair of high heels. When I’m in the boxer shorts I remember that I’m comfortable with myself and my body, and that confidence makes me sexy. When I’m all dressed up it’s a reminder that I take time to take care of myself and that also makes me sexy. So in honor of National Lingerie day, do something nice for yourself. Find what makes you feel sexy. Write it, scream it, do whatever you gotta do. If you need, buy some lingerie! (I hear they’re on sale.)





Good morning MLYWers. It’s Nick from Step Away from the Mall taking over for the day as part of the Yakezie blog swap on couples and money. If you head on over to Step Away from the blog you’ll find a corresponding post on the very same topic. So let’s dig in. At 5:30 p.m., four years ago today, I saw something for the first time that sticks with me like it was yesterday. It all happened in a matter of seconds. But it seemed like hours. I was standing with a buddy of mine when suddenly my father-in-law appeared standing next to my wife. He looked very serious.

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Why I Crossfit and You Should too

It’s effective. After I first started Crossfitting, this chick, who couldn’t even do 5 girl-style pushups started doing regular pushups within 2 weeks…and lots of them too. I saw muscles, I had innate strength for daily life.  It just freaking works, you must have faith in the methodology and the programming.  If you’ve been trying boring treadmills and elliptical and traditional strength, bodybuilding routines and have gotten burnt out and bored and haven’t seen results, give Crossfit a try.  The reasons why and how it works are found at the official Crossfit site.

crossfit_12It doesn’t take very long. The longest Workout of the Day (WOD) I’ve ever done took me about 30 minutes and that was only once. So, it’s effective and it’s quick – WIN!

It’s not boring. Every WOD is different.  Even if I’m doing the same one I did 3 months ago, it’s still different because I’m lifting more, jumping higher, running faster, running longer distances, etc.  So you never truly repeat the same work out twice.  And, it’s so intense that for those 10 or 15 minutes you’re WODing you cannot focus on anything else on your mind. If you’re worried about something, or your mind wanders, or if you can’t turn off all the ideas in your head, you’ll get a reprieve during your WOD.  The result is better focus and increased concentration in other areas of your life.

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Speak Kindly To AND About Yourself

protect1“Speak kindly to AND about yourself. No more “I’m so stupid” or “This is a dumb question” or “I am so behind!” Words create LIFE. ~Sandi Krakowski~
It’s well known knowledge that negative self talk comes from negative talking to a child hammering in that little one’s head like “you’re so stupid!” “dummy!” “you’ll never amount to anything!”

Have you ever heard those words as a child? Do you find yourself believing those words? It doesn’t have to be a parent it can be any person that’s supposed to be a role model to you. I know that as a child I grew up with soooooo many negative words. It took me quite a long time to finally realize that I am not stupid or dumb or anything else negative that I was told as a child. And I know I am not the only one, in my work as the education consultant I have seen plenty high school dropouts with the low self esteem as a direct results of belittling their capabilities in the childhood.

It’s verbal abuse and it’s amazing how many adults abuse children verbally.

When you realize all the negative self talk stems from your childhood you can start to give yourself positive self talk or like Sandi Krakowski says you can “Speak Kindly To AND About Yourself! You can, it works and it turns things around for you.

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What college classes should I take first?


Before you begin your first quarter or semester at college, at some point you’ll need to decide what classes you want to take. Unlike high school you’re now paying a lot for college, so if you aren’t taking the right classes, you’ll be throwing your money down the drain.

After your first semester/quarter, you’ll understand well how to choose classes, but at first you might be a bit confused.

Depending on if your school uses the quarter or semester system, you’ll probably be taking somewhere between three and five classes. They key to making sure that you’re taking the best classes you can is to prioritize. In order to decide which classes you should take, ask yourself these questions — in this order — to create a prioritized list of classes to enroll in: Read More

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