Speak Kindly To AND About Yourself

Speak Kindly To AND About Yourself

be-nice-to-yourself“Speak kindly to AND about yourself. No more “I’m so stupid” or “This is a dumb question” or “I am so behind!” Words create LIFE. ~Sandi Krakowski~
It’s well known knowledge that negative self talk comes from negative talking to a child hammering in that little one’s head like “you’re so stupid!” “dummy!” “you’ll never amount to anything!”

Have you ever heard those words as a child? Do you find yourself believing those words? It doesn’t have to be a parent it can be any person that’s supposed to be a role model to you. I know that as a child I grew up with soooooo many negative words. It took me quite a long time to finally realize that I am not stupid or dumb or anything else negative that I was told as a child. And I know I am not the only one, in my work as the education consultant I have seen plenty high school dropouts with the low self esteem as a direct results of belittling their capabilities in the childhood.  Read More

What college classes should I take first?


Before you begin your first quarter or semester at college, at some point you’ll need to decide what classes you want to take. Unlike high school you’re now paying a lot for college, so if you aren’t taking the right classes, you’ll be throwing your money down the drain.

After your first semester/quarter, you’ll understand well how to choose classes, but at first you might be a bit confused.

Depending on if your school uses the quarter or semester system, you’ll probably be taking somewhere between three and five classes. They key to making sure that you’re taking the best classes you can is to prioritize. In order to decide which classes you should take, ask yourself these questions — in this order — to create a prioritized list of classes to enroll in: Read More

Is creativity better than Intelligence?


Airbnb Creative office

The majority of educational organizations and businesses still continue to value intelligence above creativity, but this begins to change. You can find increasingly more attention for innovation and creativity.

Just lately, I was reading an interview with Gatorade inventor Dr. James Robert Cade’s daughter, Phoebe Cade Miles, and she states that creativity is a more substantial forecaster of success in a persons life than intelligence. Phoebe strongly believes in the power of creativity. She explained that indeed intelligence is easier to measure, easier to control, and easier to recognize, but that it is definitely worth to check out creative people and to educate yourself to think in a creative way because thinking creatively will result in success.

Cade Miles is now busy working on the new project, The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention. This museum, is scheduled to open in 2015 and it explores the history of the famous Gatorade athletic drink, and highlights the vital role creativity played in the invention.

How To Be More Creative

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The 10 biggest differences between high school and college

When my freshman year began, I was taken aback at how different college life was from high school life. Although I definitely expected a drastic change, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as it is. Here are the ten largest differences between the two that I’ve noticed:

  1. The rules are typically more lax. If you’re living on campus, you don’t really have a curfew and can do just about whatever you want, provided you don’t break any school policies. You don’t need your parents to sign forms, you can do it yourself. You can live as you want — if you want to put up a Pokemon poster in your room, then you can. If you want to stay up until 3 AM, you can.
  2. However, you’re responsible in college. If you do break a rule, it’s mostly up to you to handle the consequences — your parents won’t be as useful in getting you out of trouble.
  3. College classes move much faster, especially if you’re on the quarter system. If you have a 15 week semester and meet for class three times a week, you meet 45 times and that’s it. Compare that to high school, where you might have class 180 times in a year. There’s a big difference.
  4. Way more work is done outside of class. Not only do the classes move faster, but you’re typically expected to be study the material outside of class. In fact, if you don’t, you will have a much harder time grasping it. Read More
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